Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Why Vegan?

 Pretty much every time I tell someone that I'm a vegan, it immediately begins a conversation about how deficient I must be in a certain nutrient, and when for instance someone says: Hey, I'm gonna go to McDonalds to grab a burger, noone seems to be concerned about this person's health. Kinda ironic, don't you think?
If you are still one of these people that keep on believing, that vegans are crazy people, who eat only salad, that are completely separated from the rest of society. Then it's high time for you to change your perspective. 
I'm not judging anyone, we've all been taught (at least 98% of population) that milk is essential for strong bones, that animal protein is the only source of protein for humans, that when you don't eat meat you automatically become anemic and weak. 
I remember the day that I decided to give up eating meat. I was 13 years old, I just couldn't handle the smell and taste of meat anymore, it was totally off putting. I've never been a huge meat-eater, if my parents hadn't made me eat meat, I would have never eaten it. I always loved fruits, veggies, fruit juices, pasta, rice; basically everything that was plant-based. Everyone has a sweet tooth, our body runs on glucose (it's a fact, you cannot deny that). That's why kids rather eat banana than a meat, it's meat and diary industries that keep on telling us that we need more protein, more meat, more diary and other high-cholesterol (that is btw the main cause of many diseases) products. So we listen to others instead of listening to our own bodies and signals that it sends to us! We've been brainwashed, that fruits are fattening and demaging to our teeth, so we could buy more animal products. 

Did you know that cancer is 100 % reversable? No? Not a surprise, since pharmacy industry is making so much money selling drugs, that do not work! So why educate people, since we can have a great business using their naivety and the fact that they are already brainwashed. Seriously? Drinking milk from other specie (that btw helps a new born calf to grow like 200 pounds in a few months, I don't want that for my body, you choose), eating high fat, high protein diet in general - is the best environment for cancer cells to grow. 

I encourage you watch this video:

I'm proud of being vegan.
I'm proud of thinking out of the box, even though I've been brainwashed myself I was able to find a way out and start seeing everything from slightly different perspective.
It's not only about me, it's about the whole planet earth, about other beings, about environment, about climate. But it's also about me, about my health, about feeding my body with food that my body is designed to run on. It's about happiness, not feeling guilty after a meal. It's also about excitement, that finally you live for something bigger than yourself, that you're doing good, therefore the good will be returned to you as well. Your body, soul and mind are all connected, whether you are aware of it or not. You can't be really happy if you feed your body with products, that in order to be produced caused pain and death to other beings. Think it through.


PS: Vegan food is FREAKING DELICIOUS! I've never spent less time preparing my meals, that were actually HEALTHY AND TASTY! And no, vegan food is not expensive. This lifestyle is as cheap or as expensive as YOU make it. You can eat rice, pasta, veggies, fruits, bread, nuts, seeds - those are the cheapest foods in the world.

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