Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vegans eat ONLY salad

How depriving a vegan lifestyle really is? You need to read an ingredient list before you buy any kind of product, I'd rather die than decide to go vegan. Well, I was thinking the same way few years ago, when I was vegetarian out of purely ethical reasons. Back then, I didn't make a connection between dairy industry and harming animals, I've thought that it was a natural process, cow needs to produce a milk, and people do cows a favor by drinking their milk. BS, complete BS. Cows produce milk only for their offsprings, just as humans do. When a woman is pregnant and she gave a birth, she has milk to feed her baby. It is none different in other species. In order to produce a milk, humans impregnate cows, and when they give a birth, a baby is taken away from his mother (IMAGINE HOW HARD IT MUST BE TO HAVE A CHILD BE TAKING AWAY FROM HIS OWN MOTHER), so the baby does not use milk, that is SUPPOSED TO be producted for humans. But really? You actually think that this is the reason to why cows produce milk? For humans? Not for calves? Think that through. We've been tought that milk is good for own bones, whereas in reality: countries with the highest consumption of dairy products have also the HIGHEST percentage of people having osteoporosis. But yeah, vegans are the crazy one.